About Continew

Continew is the up-cycling fashion brand of morethan co,. Ltd.

In order to make leather bags, it requires us to use tons and tons of leather.
However, we have limited resources,
and how would you solve the issue?
Do we really have to kill thousands of cows to obtain new leather?

We found the solution by utilising junky cars.
Metal materials from the end of life vehicles are up-cycled and used again.
On the other hand, materials used for interiors of these end of life vehicles
such as leather seats and seatbelts are not being recycled and just being buried with other parts.

Leather up-cycling can save us from another 4 million tons of wastes being buried.
Each one of Continew’s bag can save up to 1642 gallons of water,
because that’s how much of water which is needed to create a bag by using new leather.
Continew is creating a new value of the end of life vehicles by up-cycling its interior leather by creating bags and accessories.

The Quality of up-cycled leather.
You might ask what the quality is like with the leather from the end of life vehicles,
and we can ensure you that leather quality is excellent while we continue to save the environment.
Car seat’s leather can withstand high heat and temperature of hot
It also can resist cold and wet weather
And the friction will not hinder the quality neither.

Many things go to waste,
but Continew seeks to create new values
within from the things which have aged and gone to waste
END IS NEW, continew
The up-cycling brand of morethan.

Our Upcycling Process


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