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    LCA(Life Cycle Assessment)

    Greenwashing Detector:
    CONTINEW’s True Net-Zero, the Efforts & Proof

    Continew constantly ask questions for eco-friendly verification.

    • Can the materials be eco-friendly?
    • Has there been an eco-friendly transformation of the process?
    • I used upcycling materials,
      how much environmental effect would it be compared to general materials?
    • And can you trust that?

    To demonstrate its eco-friendliness, CONTINEW gathered environmental effect data from all product lifecycles in Scope 1, as well as Scopes 2 and 3 upon expansion. The result verified that the carbon dioxide produced during the production of standard cowhide is 110 kg per square meter, whereas the upcycled material of MORE THAN produces 3.3 kg. Yet, as a result of the verification expanded to Scope 3, the amount of carbon dioxide produced increased from 3.3 kg to a total of 9.68 kg.

    [Scope 1,2 and 3 Emissions]

    Carbon dioxide generated during cowhide production

    Leather Carbon Footprint Review of the European Standard EN 16887:2017, 2017; Locker & Theregowda, 2022; Study Indicates INSQIN’s PU Is a More Sustainable Option, n.d.


    To our knowledge, MORE THAN is the only company thus far in the world that has received such a third-party verification with leather products. This means that there is no comparable subject to find out where 9.68 kg stands relatively. To note, however, it is worth noting that the production of one pair of cotton pants produces 120 kg of CO2.

    [Carbon dioxide generation depending on the production product]
    A pair of cotton pants
    CONTINEW leather goods

    We used these findings to determine how much carbon dioxide was produced in each process. Based on this data, we have set a goal of reducing the current emissions by 50% by 2025, with the possibility of producing net-zero products starting in 2027. And, utilizing the collected data, we created a database that allows you to easily and simply calculate the quantity of carbon dioxide produced by any product being launched.

    We collected and verified the data because we wanted to present eco-friendly standards to consumers at a time when there is an increasing number of greenwashing enterprises emphasizing their eco-friendliness with baseless claims and unfounded data. Furthermore, Korea's anti-greenwashing law has been updated and implemented since 2023.

    Whatever the reason, if a company claims to be environmentally friendly (recycling, upcycling, etc.), it must be thoroughly proven. CONTINEW will continue to work for eco-friendliness verification and proof. This is our vision and goal.

     [LCA Verification Opinion]